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About Nicky Hockly

Nicky Hockly

Nicky HocklyNicky is Director of Pedagogy of The Consultants-E and has worked in the field of face-to-face and distance education since 1987, as a teacher, teacher trainer and consultant. She holds an MA in TEFL from the Universidad de Granada (Spain ), a CTEFLA (1987) and a DTEFLA (1991). She gives seminars, in-service workshops and teacher training courses for practising language teachers all over the world. She is also involved in materials development, for both EFL course books and online learning.She is currently joint Co-ordinator of the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group.

Nicky has written many articles on education, technology and online learning, and she is a plenary speaker at conferences all over the world. She currently writes a regular column in English Teaching Professional Magazine on uses of ICT for teachers (2009 - present), and another regular column for the English Language Teaching Journal (ELTJ) on technology for the language teacher. She is a well-known author of methodology books on the application of technology to language teaching (see Publications below). She is currently writing a book on handheld and mobile learning (with Gavin Dudeney), due for publication in 2014, and is also working as a technology consultant with the Cambridge University Press 'Cambridge English Teacher' development and training platform.

Nicky lives in Barcelona, Spain, and is a technophobe turned technophile.



Book chapters

Regular columns

  • Technology for the Language Teacher - regular column in English Language Teaching Journal (ELTJ) 2011 - present
  • Things You Always Wanted to Know about ICT, but Were Too Afraid to Ask -- regular column in English Teaching Professional, from January 2009 - present
  •  Natecla News – regular column 2007 – present (Hockly) NATECLA, The National Association for Teaching English and other Community Languages to Adults is the professional organisation for ESOL practitioners.


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