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About Ana d'Almeida

About Ana d'Almeida

Ana d'Almeida

Ana has been a teacher and academic coordinator at several language schools since 1983. In 1990 she was first introduced to computers, and in December 1994 she ran her first online chat. In 2000 she designed and piloted her first online course using email to communicate with participants, the school website to host the tasks in MS Word and two live chats moderated by teachers in the USA and in Ecuador - all very rudimentary but a major break-through in the lives of the course designer and participants.

Supporting the work of teacher associations for teachers of English has also been part of Ana’s professional life for many years. She believes that through these associations we can gradually move teachers online where they can find resources and more opportunities for professional development. Ana is an active member of BRAZ-TESOL, IATEFL Research SIG, ELTeCS and Hornby networks.

She holds a BA in Portuguese and English, an MA in Cognitive Psychology and an MA in International Education Management. She has also gained online qualifications such as ‘E-Moderation: A Training Course for Online Tutors’, ‘Moodle: A Training Course to learn how to use Moodle’, 'mLearning in Practice' with The Consultants-E, and the ‘e-Tutoring Certificate’ with the British Council.

Ana lives in Recife, NE Brazil, where she moderates and coordinates online courses and projects for The Consultants-E and the British Council. Ana also works part time as the educational manager of High School Damas.


  • The IATEFL Teacher Association Handbook, 2006
  • ‘Talking English Newsletter’, a British Council global product for teachers of English in the primary and secondary sectors around the world, 2004-2009
  • Tips from Ana, useful websites for ELT professionals, a weekly feature of ELTeCS LatinAmerica and Asia lists since 2006 (archives here For You Always On A Wednesday)

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