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Highly experienced in the field of online training and consultancy, The Consultants-E is uniquely placed to help you find cost-effective, efficient and pedagogically sound solutions to a wide range of educational challenges. If you are interested in exploring how educational technology can best support learning in your institution, we can help. We work with schools, universities, and private educational foundations, as well as with Ministries of Education and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), to find the best educational technology approach for your particular needs and context.

How we helped…

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How do we achieve this? We liaise closely with our clients, collaboratively explore solutions, and then work towards successful implementation with you. We emphasise collaborative practices and sustainability. We ensure that our work with you is carried out in consultation with the key stakeholders, so that new projects and approaches are successfully embedded for long-term solutions.

  • Materials design (for print and digital)
  • Course design (Moodle, Blackboard, Schoology)
  • Bespoke face-to-face and distance training (via video-conferencing)
  • Learning community (CoP) design, seeding and support
  • Digital competence / assessment framework development
  • Project assessment and evaluation
  • Strategic EdTech implementation planning
  • Social media implementation and management
  • Responsive web design (company, personal, author sites & mobile Moodle)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Much more…

Take a look at our Clients & Projects page. We have helped major educational clients solve a wide range of challenges to successfully embed new approaches with educational technologies. We can help you too.

New for 2016…

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TCE Web Services

Now is the time to get your personal, author or corporate website up-to-date and ready for the mobile world. With Google mobile search now omitting results for non-responsive sites, it’s never been more vital to have a mobile-ready site for you and your work. We offer responsive sites from just £500, with a free, no obligation consultation to start. Click here for more…

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