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On this page you’ll find a set of companion resources to some of the workshops Gavin & Nicky do for teachers worldwide. Note: Where applicable, the following Creative Commons license applies to downloadable materials: ELT materials by As per author is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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Articles & Books
Dudeney, G., Hockly, N., and Pegrum, M.
(2013): Digital Literacies. Harlow: Pearson.
[download PDF extract]
Hockly, N. (2012): ‘Digital Literacies’ in Technology for English Language Teachers column, ELTJ 66/1.
OECD (2001): 'Learning to Change: ICT in Schools'. Paris: France.
Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Available at
Pegrum, M. (2010): ‘I link, therefore I am’: Network literacy as a core digital literacy. E-learning and Digital Media, 7/4.

Class Resources & Lesson Plans
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus lesson plan [PDF format]
Social Network Discussion Cards [PDF format]

Blog Posts & Videos
'Digital literacies': a series of blog posts on Nicky's blog
Ed Tech Bytes: Digital literacies video

New Media Literacies site
Spoof websites:
Dept of Education Western Australia
Phil Bradley's website

Video Mash-ups & Remixes
Literal videos:
Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse of the Heart
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows literal trailer
The Downfall parodies:
Hitler and the Vuvuzelas at the 2010 World Cup
search for more on YouTube

Talk Slides
Digital literacies in teacher education

Social Media 

Videos & Slideshows
Social media revolution (video)
Facebooks facts slideshow
Social media in UK schools (video from Teachers TV)
Social networking in plain English (video)
Facebook in numbers (video)

Alternatives to Facebook
My Fake wall
[ see the Pikifriends YouTube channel ]
7 Tools to build a social network for your school (blog post)

Lesson Plans
Nicky's lesson plan on social networks in Prezi
Lesson plan about social networking sites from British Council
Lesson plans based around great You Tube video clips from LessonStream (was TEFL clips)

Future Present 

Books (also available for Kindle/e-readers)
Bilton, N. (2010) I live in the future and here's how it works
Facer, K. (2011) Learning Futures: Education, Technology and Social Change
Gallagher, M.S. (2013) Incessant Motion through Space: Mobile learning field activities in the humanities
Kelly, K. (2010) What Technology Wants
Kerr, P. (2014) A Short Guide to Adaptive Learning in ELT [ free e-book ]
Martin, J. (2007) The Meaning of the 21st Century
Mawer, K. & Stanley, G. (2011) Digital Play: Computer Games and Language Aims
[ free downloadable extracts from the book available ]
Morozov, E. (2013) To Save Everything, Click Here
Turkle, S. (2010) Alone Together

Interviews & Videos
The future of teaching and learning
[ Interview with Gavin Dudeney & Nicky Hockly as part of the European Commission Futurium project. Register (free) ]
Of Big Data & Little Data: How numbers have (almost) ruined everything
[ Plenary talk by Gavin Dudeney ]
Together in Electric Dreams
[ Plenary talk by Gavin Dudeney ]
Learning Futures
[ Keynote by Keri Facer ]
The Peripheral
[ Radio interview with William Gibson ]

Adaptive Learning in ELT by Philip Kerr
E-moderation Station by Nicky Hockly
Hack Education by Audrey Watters

(Some) Virtual Worlds
Club Penguin
Minecraft and Minecraft Edu
[ blog post and article on Minecraft in education ]
Moshi Monsters
[ blog post from Digital Play on using Moshi Monsters with young learners ]
Second Life
The Sims
World of Warcraft

Haptic CyberGlove video
Smartwatches [ on Wikipedia ]
Engkey robot in South Korea article
Plan Ceibal en Inglés OLPC programme in Uruguay
[ video overview and blog post ]


See our mLearning in Practice online training course!

Mobile Literacy & Mobile Learning
David Parry on mobile literacy
Dudeney, G. & Hockly, N. (2014): Going Mobile. Delta Publishing [ intro video 1 | intro video 2 ]
Dudeney, G., Hockly, N. & Pegrum, M. (2013): Digital Literacies. Harlow: Pearson Education
JISC Mobile Learning Infokit
mLearning video case studies

Review of EFL apps
Bloom's taxonomy of apps for iPad

Mobile Polling Tools
Poll Everywhere

Moblogging slideshare

Augmented Reality
Google goggles

Teaching with Mobile Devices: Choices & Challenges
Note: This talk was filmed for IATEFL Harrogate Online 2014. You can watch the video here.
Planning for Mobile
8 Reasons Mobile Learning is Actually a Good Idea
Going Mobile Webinar with Gavin & Nicky

Further mLearning links on Mark Pegrum's wiki

Low Resource 

National projects with ICT in ELT
English in Action / BBC Janala (Bangladesh): see video
Learn English SMS (Libya & Sudan)
MILLEE (India): see video
Plan Ceibal en Inglés (Uruguay): see video

Institution-led projects with ICT in ELT
Tablets in Brazil: see video
Tablets in Hong Kong: see video
Laptops in Turkey: see video

Individual teacher projects with ICT in ELT
Alicia Artusi in Argentina: Using mobile devices with young learners: see video
Nergiz Kern in Turkey: Cellphones with taxi drivers: read more
Case studies of teachers using technology collected by University of Manchester and Cambridge University Press: read more
Innovations in learning technologies for ELT. E-book including several case studies: download pdf

Talk Slides
No tech, low tech? Teaching and technology in low resource contexts: see slides

Web 2.0 

What is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 in education
Sites, projects, articles, web conferences, interview, videos, PowerPoints…
Web 2.0 in the ELT classroom
A slideshow with audio by an ELT teacher in Japan on how to use ICT with learners
Web 2.0 & Language Learning
A video overview of Web 2.0 tools (blogs, wikis, podcasts, and Second Life) by Graham Stanley
Social Networks & the Web 2.0 Revolution
A video presentation on Web 2.0 by Nik Peachey
Lesson stream
YouTube video lesson plans from Jamie Keddie

Video: Blogs in Plain English
Brazil/Argentina exchange blog
Freshman English Blog
FCE Blog

Video: Podcasting in plain English
BBC podcasting guide
Podcasts for EFL learners
April Fool’s Day homework excuses
BBC grammar challenge
BBC podcasts for language learners
British Council podcasts

Podcast Tools & Cartoons
Dvolver (text cartoons)
Xtranormal (text to speech)
Turkish breakfast
Cartoon Festival

Video: Wikis in Plain English
Wikis in education
Audio & Powerpoint lecture on wikis
Wikis comparison tool

EFL wikis
Social Sciences Martini
Our Class Wiki
Activities Wiki
Business English Online wiki
CAE words

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