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At The Consultants-E we help educators worldwide become more comfortable with technology in their teaching. This blog highlights technology trends, and offers tips and guidance on how to use technology in the classroom and online, based on several years of experience of helping teachers worldwide integrate technology effectively. We hope you enjoy it!

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  • Have you ever done an online course?

    by Ana d Almeida

    25 September 2014 in category: Courses

    Doing an online course can mean different things to different participants. However, from our past participants’ feedback we learn that there is a lot of learning taking place on our courses. They emphasise things like:

    • Becoming more confident as a learner and tutor
    • Gaining new skills as a learner and tutor
    • Gaining greater understanding of e-learning by comparing it to face to face instruction
    • Finding out more about what kind of learner you are
    • Learning through observing tutor and other course participants
    • Experimenting with collaborative learning via well structured task
    You can read a few comments from our past course participants below but we’d like to ask you: Have you ever done an online course? How has it changed you and your understanding of elearning?

    If you'd like to dive in and experiment with elearning, check out our upcoming October courses - E-Moderation, Cert ICT, Cert IBET and ...

    Tags: feedback testimonies back to school Elearning

  • Chile & Digital Literacies News!

    by Ana d Almeida

    29 June 2014 in category: TheConsultants-E

    In June, The Consultants-E were in Chile to train a group of 140 teachers and volunteers to work in the twenty-five English language winter camps across Chile in July.

    chile training

    This was one more project with British Council Chile and the Chilean government. As you may know, Chile has been investing heavily in improving the quality of the English language in the public sector over the last few years. The English camps, part of Programa Inglés Abre Puertas, have been sucessfully running since 2008 in summer (January) and winter (July). Students, ages 14-18, and teachers and volunteers (usually student teachers in their final year) are selected via a competitive process, from various schools and universities in Chile.

    The theme of this year's winter camp is Social Networking. To ensure that students get the most out of this topic, we have introduced a general 'digital literacies' syllabus into the 5-day programme. These ...

    Tags: digital literacies Chile teacher training book

  • Let's Go Mobile!

    by Ana d Almeida

    05 May 2014 in category: Mobile Learning

    Going Mobile - new book!

    Gavin and Nicky's new book GOING MOBILE, from Delta Publishing, is the first published book on mobile and handheld learning in ELT.

    Starting with an overview of mlearning and moving through a rationale and a set of practical case studies from around the world, the book will provide you with a set of sample activities to try out with your classes, and also help you envisage, develop and implement your own mLearning plan in your institution or organisation.

    Firmly grounded in the practical, this is one book you will want to read if you're looking at mobile devices or tablets in teaching or training...

    It's due out in the summer of 2014 but you can download a very useful sample now on our website. Check it out!

    And if you're interested in doing a course on mobile learning, our mLearning in Practice course may be what you've been looking for. ...

    Tags: new Gavin Dudeney Nicky Hockly mlearning mobile learning book

  • Our 2014 IATEFL resources... and a group selfie!

    by Ana d Almeida

    10 April 2014 in category: TheConsultants-E

    tce attempt at a group selfie 

    [left to right: Carol, Lindsay, Nicky, Victoria, Gavin]

    2014 IATEFL is now over but we've put together in this post the more tangible outcome of our participation. It makes for a nice learning resource if you're interested in getting to know more about teaching with technology and the work we do, and also some very interesting ELT topics via the interviews Gavin has done this year.

    No tech, low tech? Teaching and technology in low resource contexts

    You can download Nicky's slides of her presentation on the Learning Technologies SIG on teaching and technology in low resource contexts here

    Teaching with mobile devices: choices and challenges

    You can watch Nicky's session on the choices and challenges of teaching with mobile devices here. She presents some practical examples across a range of contexts, and suggest how to start implementing mobile-based activities in your own classroom or institution.

    Together in ...

    Tags: resources iatefl harrogate

  • Let’s meet at IATEFL 2014!

    by Ana d Almeida

    26 March 2014 in category: TheConsultants-E


    We would like to invite you to visit us at this year’s IATEFL Conference in Harrogate.

    We hope you will stop by our presentations and say ‘hello'. :)

    Here’s a quick view:

    Tuesday 1 April - 1235-1305 (LT PCE – live streamed, details here)

    No tech, low tech? Teaching and technology in low resource contexts

    Nicky Hockly

    Wednesday 2 April - 1405-1450 (click here to watch this session)

    Together in electric dreams: pondering the future of EdTech

    Gavin Dudeney

    Wednesday 2 April - 1550-1635 (click here to watch this session)

    Teaching with mobile devices: choices and challenges

    Nicky Hockly

    Wednesday 2 April - 1840-1910 (poster session)

    Exploiting audience to increase motivation: A planning process

    Anne Fox

    Friday 4 April - 1335-1420

    Making the most of e-book readers

    Victoria Boobyer

    And the full details below and in PDF for your mobile devices:

    Tuesday 1 April – Learning ...

    Tags: online conference iatefl harrogate

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