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At The Consultants-E we help educators worldwide become more comfortable with technology in their teaching. This blog highlights technology trends, and offers tips and guidance on how to use technology in the classroom and online, based on several years of experience of helping teachers worldwide integrate technology effectively. We hope you enjoy it!

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    by Ana d Almeida

    08 February 2014 in category: Mobile Learning

    As part of our end of year rituals, many of us in educational technology check ‘technology to watch’ lists from various blogs and online magazines. Here are some of our findings for 2014 and beyond...

    tech to watch 2014 - byod

    (by Ana Maria Menezes at eltpics)

    The top four technologies in Round 1 Results of the Horizon Report for Higher Education - but which may well provide useful pointers for us in language education - to be adopted within one year or less are:

    • Flipped Classroom
      Learning Analytics
      Massive Open Online Courses
    • Flipped Classroom
    • Learning Analytics
    • Massive Open Online Courses
    Over the coming weeks we will be looking at each of these in turn. First - BYOD.

    1. What is BOYD?
    BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. Although we have see that many schools and institutions have started allowing students to use their own devices in the classroom, there is a ...

  • QR Codes: The Essential Guide

    by Nicky Hockly, organized by Shelly Terrell

    05 September 2013 in category: Mobile Learning

    Our most recent newsletter featured the following QR Code Guide by Nicky Hockly. Subscribe for free to keep updated with these great materials we share by clicking here.

    1. What Are QR Codes?

    You know those bar codes you see on supermarket products? A QR code is similar to that. It’s information encoded in a two-dimensional graphic. Whereas a supermarket bar code consists of vertical lines, a QR code encodes info vertically and horizontally – so you can get more info on it. You scan QR codes with your mobile phone (more on this in point 3 below). There is of course a limit to the amount of information you can put in a QR code. Typically a code will include a short amount of text, up to a couple of lines. No adding War and Peace or the Complete works of Shakespeare in a simple code. Or a ...

    Tags: qr codes in education

  • New Mobile Learning Resources, Lesson Plans, & App Reviews

    by Shelly Terrell

    03 April 2013 in category: Mobile Learning

    Tags: mobile learning apps

  • Resource Highlight: Mobile Learning Lesson Plans

    by Shelly Terrell

    18 December 2012 in category: Mobile Learning

    You may not have discovered our database of free mobile learning lesson plans we update regularly. These great lesson plans are created by the teachers who participate in our online courses. The lesson plans are used in their classrooms with their English language learners. Our latest contribution, Creating Mobile Audio Guides, was created by Teresa Tiel.  This is what Teresa had to say about her experience taking the Mlearning in Practice course:

    "This is a course I cannot recommend highly enough to any colleague... The
    tutor for this course is first class. Carol has the ideal blend of know-how,
    inquiry, enthusiasm, motivation and good organisation. Carol always
    responded promptly, often several times a day and followed up all
    questions,comments, tasks, and enquiries... [It's] an excellent course for
    any language teacher or teacher educator who is seeking a short professional
    development course to inspire and motivate them for the ...

    Tags: ielts mobile learning

  • Mobile Learning in Spain: A Case Study

    by Shelly Terrell

    15 December 2012 in category: Mobile Learning

    Our directors and tutors at The Consultants-E, have been traveling and training teachers worldwide in teaching with technology and mobile devices. Below is a case study from Helen Collins, teacher and teacher trainer at English Language Institute, Seville. Helen describes how she has been using mobile phones in English lessons to spice up classroom activities. You can learn regularly about the way mobile learning is implemented in schools worldwide by participating in our  mLearning in Practice online course which takes place January 10th.  



    In January we will be hosting various online courses including the CertIBET course which prepares Business English teachers. The VLE Starter course teaches you to set up and use one of the leading virtual learning management tools with learners, in any discipline. The eModeration course teaches you to be an online tutor. The CertICT helps teachers integrate technology effectively with their classes. The ...

    Tags: mlearning mobile learning

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