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Example Prezis

  • Nicky's Networking/Facebook Prezi       
    A lesson structured in Prezi around the topic of social networking. Suitable for pre-intermediate and mid-intermediate students.
  • Nicky's Prezi about Prezi           
    A workshop Prezi about how to use Prezi.
  • CIC sample Prezis            
    Sample Prezi lesson plans on variety of topics, created by teachers at CIC Idiomes. Check them out!
  • Public sample Prezis (all fields)       
    Some good examples and templates to explore here. If you'd like to reuse one*, open the Prezi, then click on the 'copy this' link. You can then edit and change it, adding your own content.

Prezi tutorials

You can find plenty of help with Prezi on the Internet. Two of the best sources are:
  • Videos and Cheat sheets
    Short videos explaining the basic features of Prezi. Each video has a handy cheat sheet link underneath it. This is the first place to go if you get stuck with Prezi.
  • YouTube video tutorials
    A series of short YouTube videos on different features of Prezi, from the most basic to more complex. This YouTube channel has a good selection, covering many Prezi features.

[ Download this resource in PDF format to use in your training or teacher development sessions ]

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