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Check that app! Popplet



iOS (iPhone, iPad) and web-based

What it does: 

Popplet is a mindmap tool. There are tons of mindmapping tools apps. However, this one is really special!

What I like about it:

  • I love the fact that it is intuitive for the user,  it is visually-appealing and you can collaborate with groups of people to make your Popplet.
  • Also, the flexibility of working on the web or on the iPad is a great advantage for teachers.
  • The image feature works really well, so you can very easily add an image to it by using your own or searching for keywords in Flickr.
  • In the classroom, the fact that you can work with it offline or online in the iPad app is a plus (the WiFi connection doesn't always cooperate with us teachers).
  • You can visualize it in different ways, and, when it is all done, students can email the final result as an image or pdf to the teacher.

One thing it lacks:

The only drawback that I´ve seen so far is the fact that if you want to collaborate with a group of people, you need to invite them via email beforehand. There´s no way you can add a group of people without going through the hassle of inviting them. Maybe if there were a code that you could provide the group to start collaborating, it would make things easier.

Ways to use it with students:

  • Teachers can assign a reading for students and they summarize it in Popplet.
  • You can invite other educators to collaborate with you in a topic to model language to students
  • Students can create their own Popplet as a study guide and invite the teacher to collaborate with him/her
  • Grammar points can be explored in a very meaningful way by letting students view samples of language in use and add their own example
  • Here´s a Popplet I created with educators all over the globe showing students how to use the Present Perfect; students then added their own examples in class

This Check that app! review is from Carla Arena

Carla Arena is a  Brazilian EFL educator, explorer of the potential of technology integration into language learning. She is a teacher trainer, Ed Tech Supervisor, online moderator and English teacher at Casa Thomas Jefferson.

Check out Carla's blog.

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