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Tool of the Month - August 2012


What it does:

Fotobabble allows one to add narration to a photograph. You can then share it, embed it in a wiki or blog, or view it on the web.

Classroom uses:

  1. Make a minute-long presentation about a chosen picture in the target language.
  2. Make vocabulary cards with clear audio definitions of the chosen word added to the picture.
  3. Practice making speeches privately, to be shared later in class.
  4. Give students a picture to add a narration to which tests their understanding and vocabulary of a topic.
  5. Use it as a speaking assessment tool.
  6. ....

There are many more uses for Fotobabble listed here!

    Links & Resources:


    • A Fotobabble app is available for the iPad and iPhone, and as they have built in audio recorders they are ideal to use with Fotobabble.
    • Apps for other platforms are in the pipeline.
    • Users need to be 13 years old, so young learner teachers need to sign up and log in for their students.

      PS. We would like to thank Carol Rainbow for this month’s tool.

      [ Download our Tool of the Month - Fotobabble handout to use in your training or teacher development sessions ]

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