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ICT Lesson Plans

ICT Lesson Plans

  • María Paz Zúñiga Baeza - ‘Are You Prepared for the Job Market?’

    [ download the pdf ]

    This lesson plan accompanies the ‘Are You Prepared for the Job Market?’ WebQuest  where students, who will shortly be leaving university, are encouraged to discover qualities that are sought for their preferred jobs. They also watch a video that covers dos and don’ts of interview techniques and then prepare questions and answers that may come up in any future interview they may have. Students can then self-assess against a given rubric.

  • Ania Rolinska - EAP/ESP essay writing with a class wiki

    [download pdf]

    EAP/ESP students use a class wiki to peer-review and edit final versions of end of course 1,500 word academic essays, in the field of medicine. Students are also recorded presenting their essay content orally in class with supporting PowerPoint slides. This lesson plan includes links to handouts, and example screenshots of how to structure your wiki.

  • Lize Odendal - Error correction and feedback (Teacher Training)

    [download pdf]

    This is a lesson plan for Teacher training / Teacher development, aimed at English language teachers and Directors of Studies. Participants explore how to ensure feedback and error correction are effective in English language classes.

  • Pete Buckley - Tell me what you see in this photograph

    [download pdf]

    Over two lessons, learners give oral descriptions of photographs which are recorded on Voicethread. Learners can also produce written descriptions using a wiki page.

    Suitable for students from B1 level onwards, especially for those that need to take an exam that incudes describing a photograph orally. Can be used with groups, or in a one-to-one context.

  • Inge Pamminger - Houses, flats, apartments &rooms

    [download pdf]

    This lesson is aimed at Spanish as a foreign language learners, and covers the topic of housing. The lesson can be adapted to English language learners. Learners choose a holiday flat and ask for more information in a chat with the landlord / landlady. In a second part of the lesson student groups describe a room or a flat and comment on the other groups´work.

    Suitable for young adults (16+) and adults at approximately B1 level. 

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