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  • Victoria Boobyer - Speaking Exam Practice

    Speaking Exam Practice [ download PDF ]

    A short (one hour) face‐to‐face lesson designed primarily to assist the student(s) in preparing students for the long turn speaking paper of the Cambridge English First (FCE) exam. [ Can be adapted for any exam’s speaking paper where a student has to compare / describe pictures. ]

    Suitable for any age. Prep for Cambridge English First exam [ but can be adapted to other exam types or general English ].

  • Christian Newby - QR Code Murder Mystery Activity

    QR Code Murder Mystery Activity [ download PDF and resources, Character Profiles, Story Background, What Really Happened ]

    In this lesson students try to solve a murder mystery by piecing together the clues hidden in QR codes.

    Suitable for A2-B2 (Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate) level students.

  • Rima Hanna - The Changing Lebanese Identity

    The Changing Lebanese Identity [ download PDF ]

    In this lesson students practise their critical thinking skills to create short videos showing some main elements that are important for the Lebanese identity, and show how they have changed from their grandparents’ generation to theirs. 

    Suitable to College freshmen/sophomores

  • Michaela Sames - Job Interview Etiquette - How to get prepared for a job interview

    Job Interview Etiquette [ download PDF ]

    Students learn about job interview etiquette by writing a script and recording a slidecast using Slidesnack.com.

    Young adults / intermediate - upper intermediate level

  • Susan Mulquiney & Jen Dobson - Numbers & Colours

    Tiny Tap Numbers & Colours [ download PDF ]

    Using 3 different iPad apps Young Learners create a picture and a numbers and colours game for Very Young Learners. Older pupils then teach the younger kids how to create their own picture and game.

    Suitable for Young Learners (10 years+) and Very Young Learners (5-6)

    You can download the game Jen and Susan created here, and try it out in Tiny Tap
  • Teresa Thiel - Creating mobile audio tours

    Creating mobile audio tours [download pdf]

    In this lesson students create short 5-minute audio tours in small groups, for example of a university campus, or a town centre. Groups listen to each other's tours, follow the directions, and mark the tour route on a map.

    Suitable for A1-C1 (Beginner to Advanced) level students.

  • Anne Fox - Outdoor treasure hunt

    Outdoor treasure hunt [download pdf]

    In this lesson, learners prepare a treasure hunt in the local area using multimedia clues which are then uploaded to the free SCVNGR mobile device app. Groups then use the clues outside of the classroom on mobile phone to find out about local history.

    Suitable for young learners (10 years+) and adults, from A2 level and higher

    See Anne's blog post about the project and learners reactions/outcomes
  • Lucy Blakemore - Active Listening

    Active listening [download pdf]

    This lesson demonstrates good and bad examples of active listening, and gives students practice in active listening strategies and expressions. Students record each other in pairs on handehld cameras or mobile phones practising their active listening skills.

    Suitable for adults of B1 (Intermediate) level or higher.

  • Dan Rieb - Mobile phone reviews

    Mobile phone reviews [download pdf]

    This lesson gets students to listen to short authentic mobile phone reviews (5-7 mins each), and then to produce their own. Students record their own reviews using the free tool Voicethread, and they also record comments on their classmates´ reviews.

    Suitable for B1 (Intermediate) or higher adults.

    See mobile phone reviews created by Dan´s students in Quatar here.

  • Ana d’Almeida - Meeting The Flatmates

    Meeting The Flatmates [download pdf]

    Meeting The Flatmates exposes students to regular podcast listening over a period of time. They follow The Flatmates online soap opera from the BBC for a month in the classroom, two episodes per week, total of eight episodes, and they are trained to download the episodes. This offers them a new learning activity that they can carry on after the class listening period is over, on their own mobile devices.

    Suitable for A1 - B2 (Elementary to Upper Intermediate) adults or teenagers..

  • Carl Dowse - Eggxactly: Business Angels negotiation

    Eggxactly [download pdf]

    In this lesson students work in groups to prepare a short presentation of a new product that they have developed and for which they need business support and finance to bring it to market. The presentations are filmed on mobile devices both during and after preparation.

    Suitable for B2 (Upper Intermediate) or higher level adults studying Business English.

  • Deborah Capras - Mock job interview

    Mock job interview [download pdf]

    This lesson helps coach and prepare students for a job interview in English, by reading an article and listening to two podcasts from the Business Spotlight website. Students look at typical interview questions, and consider whether lying in a job interview is a good idea or not.

    Suitable for B1 (Intermediate) or higher level adults studying Business English. Also suitable for one-to-one classes.

  • Jen Dobson - Move your body

    Move your body [download pdf]

    In this lesson the teacher uses a mobile phone to video students moving (previously made) plasticine models of figures / monsters to practise talking about parts of the body. The videos can then be shared with parents and carers on Posterous, a free video hosting site.

    Suitable for A1 (Beginner) level very young learners, aged 5-6.
  • Carol Rainbow - Making videos about cyberbullying

    Making videos about cyberbullying [download pdf]

    In this lesson, students create videos to teach other young learners about e-safety with particular regard to cyberbullying. Students have already scripted and made storyboards for their short videos in a previous lesson - this lesson deals with the logistics and specifics of filming with Flip cameras in small groups.

    Suitable for young learners aged 11-16, either native speakers or B2 (Upper Intermediate) level or higher.


  • Sedat Cilingir - My Favourite Holiday Destination

    My Favourite Holiday Destination [ download PDF ]

    In this lesson students research and write about their favourite holiday destination. They then read other guides and leave audio comments.

    Suitable for A2-C1 (Beginner to Advanced) level students.

  • Tony Ó Braonáin - Handy vocab

    Handy vocab [download pdf]

    This lesson recycles and reinforces verbs of movement (e.g. break / carry / catch / cut /  draw / hold / paint / point / tear / throw / touch / write). Students film themselves and each other miming a variety of verbs for others to guess, on their mobile phones. Videos are directly uploaded to Posterous, a free video hosting site that requires no file conversion for most mobile phones.

    Suitable for A1-A2 (Beginner or Elementary) level young learners, teenagers or young adults.

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