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  • Hazel Gruenewald, Germany

    My expectations of the course were by far surpassed and I feel very motivated to transfer what I have learnt into practice. I have gained a lot of confidence....I cannot recommend the online Cert IBET highly enough. I think the course is perfect for people from a variety of backgrounds wishing to embark on or continue a career in Business English teaching.

  • John Jaworski, BAPCO, Bahrain

    [The tutor´s] involvement exceeded all expectations I had of the role of a tutor. He clearly knew his material; guided and supported, where necessary; was responsive on a nearly daily basis to our posts; and has provided a role model that we need to try to emulate in our own future delivery of BE blended learning [...] Taking this course has resulted in a real paradigm shift, both in considering my own BE training and seeing the potential of the new technology that I had thought to be unrelated to BE training.

  • Sue Annan, Australia

    I am delighted to have done this course. I feel it has given me an insight into the BE arena and the confidence to adopt new technology for my teaching.... This was a very well-run,well-thought-out programme with real practical application in the classroom. I can't wait to put it all into effect.

  • Tatiana Tolstova, Russia

    At first I thought that online learning was just a least-evil solution for people who are too busy and cannot travel to study. But this course turned out to be so successful that I now think that if it had been delivered in a conventional way in a classroom, it wouldn't have been so intense, so packed and so efficient.
  • Daniel Costello, South Korea

    I would recommend this course to business English instructors as it will provide stimulating structural and resources planning to integrate the latest blended learning options available to their own lessons through their usage in the course. A unique blend of useful and relevant topics to integrate into teaching and learning about business English from many of the world's experts in the field.
  • Bob Merckel, International House, London

    I highly recommend this course, to teachers with BE experience as well as those who are new to the game. It's full of useful teaching tips and best practices from leaders in the field, as well as an invaluable stockpile of teaching resources.

  • Anne Forshaw, British Council, Libya

    Learning to use Moodle and other ICT tools has brought the course to life in an exciting way and has opened up doorways for our future teaching. I liked the creative opportunities and Moodle itself was easy enough to use....The interaction I have shared with my colleagues has been one of the highlights of the course and, through the sharing of experiences and ideas, has added to my confidence in my skills and abilities as a teacher.

  • Dorothy Cutajar, Malta

    The course couldn't have been organised better. I'm still stunned with all the information, techniques and knowledge I've gained. Each task followed the other perfectly and this course has exceeded my even my wildest dreams!

  • Luciana Garimaldi, Italy

    I enjoyed every single moment of the course and found it not only fascinating but also revealing... I would highly recommended this course. I cannot give any negative feedback about my experience. This course was recommended to me and it’s worth every single hour of work and penny invested in it.

  • Laura Bretschneider, Germany

    As I'm quite new to BE teaching,this course helped me to become more confident and familiarized me with the materials, learner's needs, contexts,etc. ... After just 10 weeks, one leaves with many techniques, tools and skills that are hard to acquire all by yourself.

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