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Play to Learn Course Challenge

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Try out Samorost with a class!

Deadline: 21 September 2012 


Try out the online game Samarost with a class, and win a free place on the new Consultants-E course Play to Learn: Digital Games in ELT (1 – 30 October 2012).

What is Samarost?
Samarost is a  free online 'point and click' game, with interesting graphics and a fun storyline. In the game you help the hero (a gnome) stop a spaceship from crashing into his planet, by solving puzzles and brain-teasers. You can find out more about the game on Wikipedia.

What is the Digital Games Challenge?
By taking part in the Digital Games Challenge, you can win a free place on our new online course Play to Learn: Digital Games in ELT . You need to complete the challenge by 21 September 2012. Late entries will not be accepted.

How do I take part?

1. Download the Samorost Walkthrough, which shows you how to use the game with a class. Try it out with a group of students, in class, including some of the activities suggested. Include at least two writing activities and two speaking activities.

2. Get feedback from your students. Put them in pairs, or group of three, to discuss the questions below (and add your own questions too if you like!).

  • Did you enjoy playing Samarost? Why / Why not?
  • What did you like most about the Samarost game?
  • Do you like playing these kinds of games in English class? Why / Why not?
  • Does playing games like this, with the extra language activities, help you learn English? Why / Why not?
  • What writing activities did you do? Show some of your work
  • What speaking activities did you do?

While students are discussing the questions, listen and take notes on their opinions. You could audio record some of their answers for step 3 below.

3. After class, video-record yourself talking about how the lesson went. You could use a mobile phone with a video-recording function, a digital camera, or a webcam. Aim to produce a short video of 3-4 minutes (max) summarising what you and your students thought of the class. Here are some elements to include in your video:

  • Introduce yourself with your name and the city and country where you teach
  • Tell us how old your learners are, and how many were in the class
  • Summarise what your students said in reply to the questions they discussed in step 2 above*
  • Show samples of the written work students produced during the lesson
  • Tell us what you think worked best in the lesson and how the students reacted
  • Tell us about anything you would do differently if you did the lesson again

*If you audio-recorded your students in step 2, you could include some short audio extracts in your final edited video. And/or you could include text with student comments in your video.

4. Upload your finished video to You Tube, Vimeo, or any other public video hosting service. Make the video private.

5. Send an email to admin@theconsultants-e.com, including a link to your uploaded video (please do not send the video file itself). We will acknowledge receipt of your email, and contact you when the winner is announced (on 26 September).

How will the winner be chosen?
The following criteria will be used by the judging panel to choose the winner:
  • overall video quality and coherence
  • clarity of sound/image; overall intelligibility
  • the video includes showing some of the written work students produced while playing the game
  • the video includes most of the elements outlined in step 3
  • the video has a maximum length of 4 minutes
  • you are in agreement that if you win the Digital Games Challenge, we will showcase your video on The Consultants-E website
When will the winner be announced?
We will review the videos, and announce the winner by 26 September 2012. The winning video will be showcased on our website. The winner will receive a free place on the 1-30 October Play to Learn: Digital Games in ELT

online course.

26 September 2012: And the winner is... Bruno Andrade, a teacher in Brazil! Find more about Bruno and watch his video here.

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