Gavin will be in London this Thursday (November 19) to give two half-day workshops for English UK: the first on social media for managers, the second on ‘technology on a shoestring’. The training days take place at the English UK office at: 219 St John Street, London, EC1V 4LY. Each half day workshop lasts three hours. Here’s some more information on the two sessions:

Social Media for Managers
This half day looks at effective use of social media as a marketing tool. We will examine social media strategies, consider the best platforms and the best media for each platform and look into when, and where, the best and most effective posts are made. We will consider strategies for automating social media posts, and look at corporate acceptable use policies for social media use by staff. [ more… ]

Technology on a Shoestring
This half day looks at a rationale for technology integration, with a particular emphasis on mobile and handheld devices (either institutional sets, a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ basis, or a hybrid version of the two approaches). We consider the economic and time management impact of each approach, and the potential marketing value of updating technology provision in this way. Finally, we look at how a minimal investment in this area can have a lasting impact on the image of the school as a cutting edge centre for language education. [ more… ]

There are a couple of spaces left in each session…