We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new course: Teaching Live Online – a course designed for today’s busy teacher, the new freelancer… Starting in September 2016…

From the website:

“Growing numbers of students expect a choice in where and how they learn. This includes being able to learn fully online or in blended mode (part face-to-face and part online), whatever the subject matter. Today’s teachers are increasingly expected to know how to teach their students online effectively. Our Teaching Live Online course gives you the skills and confidence to teach synchronously (that is, in real time, or ‘live’) online in a principled and effective manner.

How does the course benefit you professionally?

  • Develop your professionalism. This fully online course gives you the skills and confidence to use videoconferencing to teach your students in real time, in a principled and effective manner. It adds to your language teaching qualifications and enhances your CV.
  • Increase your employability. The course increases your employment prospects by developing your skill set and helping you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Update your teaching. The course helps you learn to use current and popular videoconferencing platforms, and it increases your teaching repertoire with a range of exciting new activities and techniques for teaching live online classes
  • Join the community. The course enables you to join the growing numbers of teachers who use technology effectively and confidently to teach live online classes.
  • Secure your future. The course gives you the tools to keep abreast of new developments, ensuring your future teaching prospects.


Who is the course for?
Teaching Live Online is for teachers and trainers of English and/or of other languages, and also for teachers from other disciplines. If you want to learn how to teach students online in real time (i.e. live) via videoconferencing, this is the ideal course for you. The course is suitable for teachers and trainers worldwide, whether you are new to online teaching, or whether you already have some experience of teaching live online classes. You will leave this course with a wealth of new ideas, tasks, techniques, approaches and tools for teaching students live online.

Check out the website for more on this exciting new course…