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Nicky and Gavin have just finished tutoring on the first iteration of a brand new course called Teaching Live Online. But what did they think this course would offer that others didn’t?

Why did you feel that there was a need for a new Teaching Live Online course?

“We saw how lots of people were wanting to transition to online teaching, to working for themselves and being able to choose where and when they worked, but we also knew that online teaching (synchronous or asynchronous) is very different from f2f teaching, and an area we have worked in for years. So we thought we could share our love of technology-mediated teaching and training, but offer something complementary to our eModeration course, something which really addressed the needs of the real-time online teacher and trainer.” – TCE

As a company, The Consultants-E has a long-held reputation for excellent feedback and satisfied participants.

How did you feel the first iteration of the course went?

“We were delighted with the turnout for the first iteration – over 20 people signed up for the course and we had to run two parallel courses to cater for them. We think it went really well, though obviously – as with anything – we’ll be fine-tuning and adapting it for the second iteration, based on our own observations and the detailed feedback we always get from our participants. For us, the basic structure and approach is one we’ve built over more than thirteen years, so the foundations are solid – it’s just the small things which change.”  – TCE


What did the participants think about the structure of the course?

The structure and flow worked well and the various components built on the previous aspects in helpful ways.” – Rod

How did they feel about the learning experience?

“Initially, I had been very apprehensive about doing an online teaching course, but now I am so glad I did it. I’ve learned so much in the past two weeks I have been on the course, and have a lot more confidence when it comes to all things online ( even though much practice is still required ). Two weeks ago I would never have imagined myself using online whiteboards, creating online materials or even zapping people away in break out rooms, fantastic :-)!” – Kim

Any thoughts on colleague interaction?

I personally found interaction on this course to be stimulating, very collegial and inspirational, with colleagues sharing ideas and also not being “afraid” to be humorous throughout the course.” – Ana

And tutor interaction?

The interaction with the tutors was very excellent. Nicky and Gavin were always there to help. They were monitoring and adding their thoughtful comments and sharing their experience.” – Patricia

Would they recommend this course to others?

“Sure, not just this course but the institution – The Consultants-E” – Maria

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone planning on teaching online. The course gives a practical overview of what is needed to work online in terms of tools and also skills. Furthermore, the course is very manageable timewise and there is no need to give up work at any time ( I did it while working full time ). Through collaboration with colleagues, the course is highly interactive so one never feels alone and this also gives extra support………..extremely recommendable!” – Kim

“Absolutely. This is my second course with consultants-e. You are top in the world!” – Ester

“Thank you both, Gavin and Nicky, so much for such a brilliant course!” – Ana

The next iteration of the Teaching Live Online course starts on 14/11/2016 and you can read more about it and enrol here.