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ethical conduct

At TCE we are committed to working with integrity and ensuring our work – including our training, our research and our monitoring and evaluation – meets the highest ethical standards.

Regulatory and Legal Compliance

  • TCE and its employees and consultants are required to comply with UK law and the laws of the countries in which we work.
  • TCE is fully compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and works within the limits of data protection policies in the countries in which we work.
  • TCE supports the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Employment and Good Conduct

  • TCE’s employment practices are founded on the basis of non-discrimination. TCE employs its staff, including consultants, on merit and on their qualifications and abilities to carry out the work required of them.
  • TCE expects its employees and consultants to act with integrity at all times and not act in a manner that will damage TCE’s reputation.
  • TCE expects its employees and consultants to avoid conflicts of interest whenever possible and to report them if they arise so that appropriate support and guidance can be given.
  • TCE does not give or receive bribes. If an employee or consultant is offered a bribe, or a bribe is demand, they are expected to report it to TCE and to the relevant authorities in the country in which they are working.


  • TCE is committed to ensuring the well-being of the people we work with and that the children and vulnerable adults we work with are protected.
  • TCE evaluators and researchers working with children and vulnerable adults are required to undergo a DBS (Disclosure and Disbarring Service) check and obtain a DBS certificate.

Ethical Code of Conduct

  • TCE’s monitoring, evaluation and research activities are guided by the principles of informed consent, voluntary participation, confidentiality and anonymity. Where anonymity cannot be guaranteed – for example, when a person’s position may lead to their identification – any public reporting of data generated by their participation will be discussed with them first and their consent to its use will be requested.
  • TCE encourages its employees and consultants to publish their work. Where that work has been externally funded, the approval of funders is to be sought before publication. All contributors to publications are to be acknowledged.

Environmental Protection

  • TCE will always seek to minimise the impact of its work on the environment.
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