Key Information

The course teaches you how to plan for & use mobile devices in the language classroom, with a focus on designing and implementing effective mobile-based activities with your learners.

Dates & Fees

  • next start date: On Demand Only
  • course length: 20 days | 15 hours
  • course fees: £195
  • downloads: Brochure | Terms

Future Dates

  • On Demand Only
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Course Content

During the course, you will learn to:

  • explore the practicalities of mobile use in and outside the classroom
  • consider the challenges and benefits of mobile device use in language learning
  • design and deliver multimedia mobile-based tasks that support language learning
  • design mobile-based tasks for low- and/or high-resource contexts
  • explore and critically evaluate language learning games and apps
  • learn to use augmented and virtual reality with learners
  • deliver effective mobile-based feedback and assessment

You will also take part in two videoconferencing sessions.



  • Practicalities, considerations, benefits, challenges
  • Mobile devices in high- and low-resource contexts
  • Designing and sequencing mobile-based tasks
  • Best practice for going mobile
  • Mobile device implementation plans and policies
  • Videoconferencing session 1


Certified & Assured

Our Courses Are Certified

All our courses are quality assured by AQUEDUTO – the Association for Quality Education & Training Online | The CertIBET is also quality assured by English UK – the national association of language centres in the UK, and awarded by LanguageCert – the next generation in language qualification | Our eModeration course is recommended for CELTA Online tutors by Cambridge English.

Going Mobile Enquiry

Going Mobile  is offered ‘on demand’ only. Our ‘On Demand’ courses are available to groups of six participants or more. For more information, please use this form to add yourself to the waiting list or to make an enquiry about the possibility of running it for your institution.

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  • Dudeney, G. & Hockly, N. (2014): Going Mobile. Delta Publishing [ intro video 1 | intro video 2 ]
  • Dudeney, G., Hockly, N. & Pegrum, M. (2013): Digital Literacies. Harlow: Pearson Education
  • Pegrum, M. (2014): Mobile Learning: Languages, Literacies and Cultures. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Wilden, S. (2017): Mobile Learning. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Kerr, P. (2014): Adaptive Learning. The Round. [ buy ]
  • Sanchez, S. (2014): Learning to Go. The Round [ buy ]
  • Sharma, B. & Barrett, B. (2013): Apptivities for Business English. The Round [ buy ]
  • EFL Mobile Case Studies: EFL teachers from around the world share how they use mobile devices with their learners [ view ]
  • 5-minute Guide – The Digital Divide: Gavin Dudeney explains the digital divide and what it means for teaching with technology [ view ]
  • 5-minute Guide: Teachers’ Concerns About Mobile Learning: Nicky Hockly addresses typical teacher queries and concerns about bringing mobile devices into the classroom [ view ]
  • 8 Reasons Mobile Learning is Actually a Good Idea: Gavin Dudeney’s 10-minute webinar tells you why you might want to use mobile devices in your classroom [ view ]
  • Mobile learning Q&A: Nicky Hockly answers teachers’ questions about using mobile devices, in her role as a Consultant for the Cambridge English Teacher platform (Cambridge University Press) [ view ]
  • Going Mobile Webinar: Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly examine the choices and challenges involved in teaching with mobile devices in the classroom and share practical examples from their book ‘Going Mobile’ [ view ]

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