MoE Palestine

MoE Palestine
Consultancy for BTC (Belgian Development Agency), the British Council and MoE Palestine to improve pedagogical approaches to the teaching of digital literacies. Our work included:
  • Initial scoping visits to West Bank schools
  • Design, development and delivery of 3-day workshops for teachers and school inspectors from 53 schools
  • Culturally-appropriate approaches and materials
  • Liaising with translators and interpreters
  • Recommendations for further NGO support for regional roll-out of programme
  • Impact on donor approaches: prioritising pedagogy over hardware

MoE, Basque Country, Spain

MoE Basque Country

Consultancy on developing Basque language blended learning options for the Basque government’s Ministry of Education in northern Spain. Our work included:

  • Development of a strategic plan for blended learning roll-out in the Basque Country
  • Training in blended learning approaches for Basque MoE curriculum designers, materials writers and language teachers
  • Bilingual consultants enabled consultancy to be carried out exclusively in Spanish
  • Support for staged roll out of blended learning options in Basque Adult Education Institutes
  • Impact on regional language policy

PICT: Primary ICT Asia

British Council

Multi-country consultancy researching the application of ICT in primary schools to provide policy recommendations to MoEs. Funded by the British Council. Our work included:

  • Four countries involved: Korea, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia
  • Baseline studies of ICT use in schools in all four countries
  • Liaising with local data collection teams in each country
  • Analysis of video-recorded classroom observations and teacher interviews
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations for educational policies to MoE officials in a Policy Dialogue summit, held in Thailand
  • Impact on integration of digital technologies and pedagogical approaches at national level

Plan Ceibal, Uruguay

Plan Ceibal
Consultancy to provide training materials for teachers in the Uruguayan One Laptop Per Child initiative (Plan Ceibal). Funded by the Ministry of Education Uruguay and the British Council. Our work included:
  • Design and development of online training modules for teachers working with videoconference-based teaching
  • Design and development of English print booklet learning materials for children visiting the Montevideo Museum of Science
  • Supporting local writing teams for materials development
  • Impact on preparedness of teachers to work effectively with the Plan Ceibal model of videoconference-based teaching

Educational Institutions

Sultan Qaboos University (Oman)

Sultan Qaboos
Consultancy in supporting the development of teaching staff’s digital literacies. Our work included:
  • Design, development and delivery of a 5-day f2f training course for 50 lecturers
  • Development of culturally-appropriate approaches and materials
  • Development of in-house mentoring and development (CPD) framework to promote sustainability and long-term uptake of new skills
  • Impact on staff digital skills and integration of effective pedagogical approaches

CIC Idiomes (Spain)

CIC Idiomes Spain
Consultancy to analyse the learning effectiveness of an external online language learning provider. Our work included:
  • Development of a framework to ascertain the effectiveness (or lack) of an external digital product for language learning
  • In-depth analysis of 17 online courses from a pedagogical and technology perspective
  • Findings included recommendations for product improvement and strategic implementation plans
  • Impact on school’s decision to invest in product or not

AISLi schools (Italy)

AisLI Schools Italy
Consultancy with the AISli network of schools to identify institutional digital needs and provide solutions. Our work included:
  • Design, development and implementation of needs analysis tool for 33 schools in network
  • Development of training for school directors and academic managers based on identified digital needs
  • Focus on pedagogical issues and on non-pedagogical issues (e.g. online marketing, effective website design)
  • Collaborative development of strategic implementation plans for individual schools
  • Impact on increased public awareness of school brands and student recruitment

ZHAW (Switzerland)

ZHAW Switzerland
Consultancy to review and adapt university curricula and assessment procedures, so as to integrate blended learning approaches. Our work included:
  • Consultative review of university curricula and assessment procedures
  • Design of a staged pilot blended learning integration plan
  • Design, development and delivery of training for 25 lecturers to develop digital literacies and readiness for blended approaches
  • Impact on curricula design and improved teaching skills

We have also worked with the following educational organisations:

United Kingdom: Oxford University Department of Education, Cambridge University, The London School of Economics (LSE), University of Westminster, University of Manchester, University of Strathclyde, Bucks New University, English UK, International House London, Study Group, East Berkshire College, ELC Bristol, Anglo European Bournemouth,

Europe: Pilzen University (Czech Republic), University of Barcelona (Spain), Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Spain), Oxford TEFL (Spain & Czech Republic), ESADE (Spain), NELC (Spain), Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Spain), EduFin (Finland), CLM Bell (Italy), LEND (Italy), CEBS (Austria)

Americas: School for International Training (USA), Kaplan Education (USA), English 360 (USA), Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Canada), York University (Canada), Cultura Inglesa (Brazil), Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (Peru), Avatar Languages (Latin America)

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