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MSA - Middle States Association Accreditation

Lead M&E Consultant(s)
Colleen Fletcher
Project Overview
The MSA accreditation process is a comprehensive assessment of how the school performs against its own goals and the requirements set by the MSA for school accreditation and school improvement. M&E Expert Colleen Fletcher was the Team Lead on this evaluation, which included all aspects of the school, including finances, facility management, curricula, teaching and learning practices, EDI policies and student life. Schools need to be re-evaluated every 7 years to maintain their MSA status which allows their high school graduates access to universities world-wide. The evaluation/accreditation team was made up of four international administrators and teachers, representing other international schools in Africa and the Middle East, and with world-wide experience.
Approaches & Outputs
Each M&E team member was allocated a set of standards and practices to evaluate. Data that the school had collected was verified and classroom observations were undertaken. Each team member also conducted several interviews with all stakeholders, including the parents, teachers, students, maintenance staff, and other community panthers and board members. A detailed report was produced on each of the standards, and commendations and recommendations were given to the head of school. The school’s own goals were evaluated, and new goals for the next 7-year cycle were collaboratively set. All goals were contextualised in terms of the geographical, socio-political setting as well as the expectations of all the stakeholders. In this way the goals were realistic, and outcomes would be sustainable.
Impact On
700 students who were now able to access learning through the implementation of learning support systems, practices and tools that in turn allowed students to access further learning or higher education locally and internationally. The implementation of professional development practices for 50 teachers, particularly in the field of inclusive teaching, had an impact on teacher practice.
The school had been struggling to gain accreditation, which meant their graduates did not qualify to access international universities and colleges. With a change of school administration and leadership, new EDI procedures, policies and practices were put in place to maximise on student learning support and inclusion.
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