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The online CertIBET gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to use a range of approaches, techniques, technologies and tools with your business English clients.

Dates & Fees

  • next start date: On Demand Only
  • course length: 11 weeks
  • course fees: from £590
  • moderation fees: £160
  • downloads: Brochure | Terms

Future Dates

  • On Demand Only
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The CertIBET is awarded by LanguageCert, an awarding organisation, recognised and regulated by:

  • OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).
  • Qualifications Wales

In addition to the above, LanguageCert is also recognised by multiple Ministries of Education and other government institutions worldwide, which can be viewed here. LanguageCert is dedicated to language skills assessment design, delivery and certification and its qualifications and examinations are delivered by approved training providers/test centres globally.

Course Content

During the course, you will learn to:

  • build your confidence, knowledge and understanding of Business English (BE)
  • understand and respond to the communication needs of learners & organisations
  • develop and deliver BE programmes with effective and measurable outcomes
  • address the communication needs of learners and organisations
  • select, use and evaluate methods, approaches, materials, resources & techniques
  • deepen your understanding of international communication
  • enhance your opportunities to participate effectively in the global workplace.
  • develop your familiarity with the concepts, skills, lexis & discourse of BE.


Module 01: Introduction to BE Teaching
Module 02: ​BE Needs Analysis, Content & Research
Module 03: BE Course & Syllabus Design
Module 04: BE Course Delivery
Module 05: BE Approaches & Techniques
Module 06: BE Course Materials
Module 07: BE & Globalisation
Module 08: BE & the Role of Culture
Module 09: BE Evaluation & Assessment
Module 10: BE & New Technologies


Certified & Assured

Our Courses Are Certified

All our courses are quality assured by AQUEDUTO – the Association for Quality Education & Training Online | The CertIBET is also quality assured by English UK – the national association of language centres in the UK, and awarded by LanguageCert – the next generation in language qualification | Our eModeration course is recommended for CELTA Online tutors by Cambridge English.

CertIBET Enquiry

The CertIBET  is offered ‘on demand’ only. Our ‘On Demand’ courses are available to groups of six participants or more. For more information, please use this form to add yourself to the waiting list or to make an enquiry about the possibility of running it for your institution.

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