TCE is an education consultancy providing effective, measurable and sustainable whole-system education solutions tailored to specific development and organisational needs. We work closely and collaboratively with learning organisations and NGOs, universities, schools and teachers globally to find innovative, context-sensitive, cost-effective, efficient and pedagogically sound solutions to a wide range of educational challenges. Our main areas of expertise include:

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our Monitoring and Evaluation Team is a hand-picked group of M&E (MEAL) experts from around the world, who collectively have worked in over fifty countries providing M&E consultancy to organisations, NGOs, governments and educational institutions. We bring a vast array of experience and skills to any project we undertake, and have worked across a wide range of subject areas, on studies both big and small.


We work with an international team of qualified and experienced freelancers specialising in online education, consultancy, web design, materials and course design, research and more.

Tech Strategy

With a wealth of experience, and a proven track record, we are one of the few companies to combine first-rate pedagogical experience with in-depth knowledge of technology solutions.