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TCE provides international consultancy services in the world of education. We have worked closely with prestigious educational institutions and NGOs, training and development providers, educational publishers, universities, schools and more. We have an outstanding track record in helping our clients find sustainable quality solutions for their specific educational challenges in the areas of curriculum reform, reliable monitoring and evaluation of educational programmes, sustainable CPD (continual professional development), materials design and development, and strategic planning for effective institutional educational technology integration.

large-scale education & ngos

Our consultancy work with large-scale education providers and NGOs has included:

  • monitoring and evaluating (M&E) large multi-country educational programmes
  • scoping visits to determine educational change needs in a range of contexts
  • developing educational programmes, training and development to effectively address these needs
  • evaluating to what extent donor programmes address educational needs in developing contexts
  • developing theories of change, log frames, evaluation approaches & instruments for single and multi-country educational programmes
  • initial effect and long-term impact evaluation studies
  • addressing issues such as EL learning, women and gender, social inclusion and equity, and employability skills in developing contexts
  • working with multilingual, multicultural teams f2f and virtually, in a several languages

COELT Programme South Africa


The Certificate in Online English Language Teaching programme (COELT) aims to support thousands of primary and secondary school South African teachers develop the skills to teach effectively online. Funded and supported by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) and the British Council South Africa, TCE developed a 40-hour online training course (COELT) aimed specifically at teaching online in low resource contexts. The 2-year programme is currently ongoing.

  • Training South African teachers in an innovative approach to using WhatsApp to deliver live language lessons, as a solution to live online teaching in data-poor environments.
  • Course content included teaching online for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).
  • Mentoring, coaching and supporting groups of Master Trainers to deliver the COELT to cohorts of South African teachers, following a cascade model.
  • Mentoring, coaching and supporting a core group of Master Trainers to become Master Trainer Trainers within a National Training Team, to ensure programme sustainability.
  • Design and development of online training materials to deliver COELT in four modes: partly self-study; live online; live in-person; and blended.
  • Design, development and delivery of a live online 6-hour Essential Digital Skills training course for technology-challenged teachers.
  • Design, development and facilitation of a Professional Learning Community/Community of Practice for COELT graduate teachers to ensure continued professional development (CPD).
  • Design, development and facilitation of a Professional Development pilot programme for practising online teachers after COELT graduation.

Programme impact on: South African Department of Basic Education; 20 Master Trainer Trainers; 150 Master Trainers; 6,000+ teachers; tens of thousands of primary and secondary school learners.

Learn on WhatsApp Programme

British Council

Funded jointly with the FCDO, the British Council’s Learn on WhatsApp programme aims to support Departments and Ministries of Education in Southern Africa with the remote delivery of English language teaching and learning during Covid-19. TCE carried out a mid-line monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the first year of the project in five countries: Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

  • Research and report into the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on primary and secondary school education in all five participating countries.
  • Development of M&E research design, M&E plan, and evaluation instruments within a mixed methods approach.
  • Research design measured impact on disadvantaged sectors of society (e.g. women; digitally excluded; rural poor).
  • Statistical analysis of large datasets generated by a WhatsApp chatbot, through the development of R scripts and the use of Python.
  • Training and QA of teams of local online researchers to carry out qualitative fieldwork in local languages, in all five countries.
  • Evaluation report published [online link available shortly].

Evaluation beneficiaries include: 22,700+ learners in five countries in Southern Africa; thousands of learners in digitally excluded or disadvantaged circumstances.

Building Learning Foundations

Building Learning Foundations

Funded by the FCDO (formerly DfID), and with support from UK Aid, VSO, the Education Trust and the Rwandan Education Board, BLF aims to improve learning outcomes in English and Mathematics for primary children in all of Rwanda’s public schools. To support the English for Teachers (EfT) initiative, led by the British Council within BLF, TCE provided training in effective online teaching skills and strategies in a low resource context for Rwandan teacher trainers.

  • A 30-hour online training course tailored for the Rwandan context, delivered by a team of four experienced TCE trainers, to 50 Rwandan trainers/e-moderators.
  • Course content included teaching online for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).
  • Course assignments included independent management of videoconferencing classrooms using Webex.
  • Course format encouraged trainer autonomy and the creation of local communities of practice.

Training programme impact on: 50 Rwandan trainers; hundreds of Rwandan teachers; thousands of primary school children learning English.

English for Success

English For Success

The English for Success programme aims to develop English language and STEM teachers’ pedagogical expertise, so as to develop their students’ skills in English and STEM. Funded by Tengizchevroil and the British Council, TCE carried out the mid-term impact monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of this 2-year programme in Kazakshtan’s Mangystau Province.

  • Development of M&E plan, log frame and research instruments pertinent to the mid-term impact evaluation.
  • Post-training baselining of STEM & English teachers.
  • Focus groups, semi-structured interviews & classroom observations in-country.
  • Meetings with key educational authority stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive mid-term impact M&E report with detailed recommendations for year.

Programme impact on: Kazakhstan Ministry of Education & Science; local education authorities in Mangystau; 6 English language & STEM trainers; 180 trained English language & STEM teachers; 1,000s of primary & secondary school students.

English Connects

English Connects

The English Connects programme aims to connect the UK to young people and future leaders in francophone Africa through English; to improve the employability, resilience and networks of young people; and to support senior policy makers in this endeavour. Funded by the FCO and managed by the British Council. TCE carried out the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the English Connects programme in 12 countries in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) over a two-year period.

  • Development of M&E plan, log frame and research instruments pertinent to current phase of programme.
  • Development & addition of gender-related indicators to logframe
  • Attitudinal baselining of programme participants.
  • Qualitative & quantitative data collection and analysis for all strands of programme.
  • Analysis of social media use for educational purposes in low-resource contexts.
  • Online product analysis and recommendations.
  • Multilingual consultants worked in English, French & Portuguese.

Evaluation beneficiaries include: 12 Ministers of Education; 42 MoE officials; 250 MoE trainers; 15,000 English language teachers; 2,000 English Clubs attendees; 9,000 online language learners; hundreds of thousands of free learning resources users.

Core Skills

Core Skills

The British Council’s Core Skills programme works closely with teachers, school leaders and policy makers to provide young people with the essential skills they need for life and work in the 21st century global economy. TCE is currently carrying out the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the Core Skills programme in the Americas.

  • Comprehensive M&E plan and Log frame, including indicators for evaluating learning of 21st century skills and social impact.
  • Longitudinal M&E of all programme stages, including initial and impact evaluations.
  • Design of cc approaches and instruments; data analysis.
  • Sensitivity and awareness of local contexts.
  • Multilingual consultants worked in English & Spanish.
  • Over 1,000 teachers and 20,000 students reached in 5 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru).

Impact on educational policies.




The EDGE [ English and Digital for Girls’ Education ] programme aims to improve employability and life prospects of adolescent girls in socio-economically marginalised communities in rural Bangladesh, India and Nepal by enhancing English proficiency, digital skills and awareness of social issues. TCE carried out an in-depth literature review into the digital context of South-East Asia & India in order to inform the development of the programme going forward.

  • Development of research questions and methodology for literature review.
  • Comprehensive literature review in key programme areas such as digital connectivity and access, employability and digital skills, gender equality.
  • Context-sensitive recommendations for future programme materials development and digital delivery.
  • Development of a digital literacies curriculum to boost beneficiaries’ digital skills for employability and their abilities to make more informed and independent life choices.

Project impact over three countries on: over 14,000 girls; 1,200 peer leaders; 17,000 parents, community leaders & employers.

educational institutions

Our consultancy work with universities, schools and other educational institutions has included:

  • creating educational training materials and digital products
  • developing and delivering tailor-made f2f and online training and CPD programmes
  • seeding and developing large-scale online communities of practice
  • designing and setting up educational spaces in the 3-D virtual world Second Life
  • guiding and supporting the development of strategic plans to ensure effective and sustainable use of a range of educational technologies
  • embedding continual professional development frameworks to ensure uptake of learning technologies within institutions
  • implementing technology strategies and solutions: website design, Moodle design and theming, database and project management.



TransformELT is an English Language Teaching consultancy building innovative strategies for change. They enable organisations, institutions and individual ELT professionals to define, design and deliver their development plans.

  • Design, development and implementation of a B2B responsive website
  • Technology solutions e.g. consultant database and project reporting affordances
  • In-house strategy and solutions for secure backups, storage, antivirus and document sharing
  • Design, configuration and theme of a custom Moodle installation

Laureate Education

Laureate Education

The Laureate International Universities network comprises over 25 higher education institutions and more than 875,000 students. Our consultancy work with Laureate has included:

  • Consultancy and design of training and CPD (continual professional development) materials and processes for Laureate Universities teachers
  • Design and development of 150 hours of tutor-supported online training modules for English language teachers across the Laureate Universities network
  • Training of in-house Laureate support tutors as part of a sustainable approach to professional development
  • Seeding of a robust online community for Laureate international network of teachers, with integrated CPD tasks
Gordon Lewis, Vice President of Languages at Laureate Education, explains why Laureate chooses TCE for its consultancies.



NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education) is an accredited teacher training institute in the UK offering in-service teacher training courses. Our consultancy work with NILE has included:

  • Development of platform, pedagogical approach, and training and management of course content and instructional design team
  • Development of an online version of the UK’s largest MA in ELT including module design, and specific module authoring
  • Tutoring on the Educational Technology MA module (ongoing)

NILE Online platform designed by TCE shortlisted for British Council Innovation Awards (ELTons) in 2015 and 2017, and winner of the 2018 English Speaking Union award for Best Teacher Resource
Online participant numbers on NILE’s MA in Professional Development for Language Education increased from 5% in 2015 to 65% in 2019 and continue to grow

Bell Foundation

Bell Foundation

The Bell Foundation is a highly-respected teaching institution in the UK offering Cambridge ESOL accredited teacher training courses. Our consultancy work with Bell  has included:

  • Design and development of a suite of EAL courses using Moodle, Articulate Rise and H5P
  • Review and redesign of online DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) teacher training course
  • Technology redesign for mobile first, with new Moodle theme and layout
  • Learning redesign reflecting a socio-constructivist approach to learning
  • Bell English stakeholders involved in learning redesign processes to ensure buy-in and sustainability
Silvana Richardson, Head of Teacher Development at Bell, explains why Bell chose TCE for this consultancy.

educational publishers

Our consultancy work with educational publishers has included:

  • helping publishers understand and explore new digital learning technologies
  • designing and developing new digital learning products
  • developing digital competences frameworks
  • providing guidance and training on how to prepare for an increasingly technological future
  • consulting on Expert Panels and authoring position papers on 21st century skills for learners
  • designing and running workshops for publishers on current learning and educational technology trends
  • writing prize-winning methodology books for language teachers

featured clients

  • Aristotle University
  • BBC
  • Bell English
  • British Council
  • Bucks New University
  • Cambridge Assessment
  • CLM Bell
  • Cultura Inglesa
  • CUP
  • Cyprus MoE
  • EMBL
  • ELC Bristol
  • English UK
  • English 360
  • The EU
  • Funiber
  • International House
  • Kaplan
  • Laureate
  • LSE
  • Macmillan
  • Manchester University
  • NAIT
  • National Geographic
  • NILE
  • NILE Online
  • OneStopEnglish
  • Oxford University Press
  • OxfordTEFL
  • Ozyegin University
  • Pearson
  • Plan Ceibal
  • Routledge
  • Santillana
  • Scottish Executive
  • SIT
  • University of Strathclyde
  • StudyGroup
  • TIRF
  • Trinity College London
  • University of Westminster
  • ZHAW
  • AmidEast
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