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Gavin and Nicky have produced some of the leading books and publications in the field of ELT since 2003. Writing together and individually, mostly on the topic of educational technologies, their prize-winning books have earned them a justified reputation as experts in this field.

selected publications

Digital Literacies

Digital Literacies

Dramatic shifts in our communication landscape have made it crucial for language teaching to go beyond print literacy and encompass the digital literacies which are increasingly central to learners’ personal, social, educational and professional lives. By situating these digital literacies within a clear theoretical framework, this book provides educators and students alike with not just the background for a deeper understanding of these key 21st-century skills, but also the rationale for integrating these skills into classroom practice. This is the first methodology book to address not just why but also how to teach digital literacies in the English language classroom.
Going Mobile

Going Mobile

Going Mobile explains, and then demonstrates with practical activities, how to use mobile devices in English Language Teaching in a principled and pedagogically sound way. It is a pioneering book and it breaks new ground by offering much-needed support in our 21st-century classrooms. Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney are both prize-winning authors and leaders in the field of the pedagogy of digital technology, bringing their many years of experience and succeeding admirably in motivating teachers and teacher trainers alike.
Teaching Online

Teaching Online

Teaching Online is a clear, accessible and reassuringly practical book – essential reading for anyone interested in online teaching and course delivery. The authors share their wealth of experience in a fundamental area of interest to language teaching professionals today. It deals comprehensively with: ways you should approach both online and blended courses; tools you should know about; techniques you should use for successful online teaching.
Focus on Learning Technologies

Focus on Learning Tech

“(…) an accessible introduction to the complex technology choices and issues they face in their English language teaching today. Nicky Hockly has selectively harvested and masterfully presented the key concepts to create a gateway into this complex area of research and practice.” (Carol A. Chapelle, Distinguished Professor, Iowa State University).
How To teach English With Technology

How to Teach English ...

The complete How to… for making the most of using digital technology in your classroom. Practical advice on how to use the Internet, email, podcasts, interactive whiteboards etc. including how to structure lessons and assess learning. Tutorial CD-ROM with guided examples and step-by-step instructions on blogs, Webquest creation, Skype and more. Advice on how to keep up to date with new technologies.


As using technology in the classroom gets more prevalent and students get more technology savvy, many ELT teachers will be searching for new ways to use and accommodate technology in the classroom. ETpedia Technology provides you with advice and ideas for using technology to support your students’ learning. The ETpedia series focuses on providing teachers with accessible and useful advice, ideas and activities, all through the format of units of 10.
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