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Gavin Dudeney

director of technology

Gavin is Director of Technology at The Consultants-E, and lead tutor (MATALL) on the NILE / University of Chichester MA in Professional Development for Language Education. He has worked in education for the past thirty-two years and gives seminars, workshops and teacher training courses for practising teachers all over the world and is also involved in materials development, for both print and online delivery.

He is a past coordinator of the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group and also past editor of the SIG newsletter. In 2007 he was elected Honorary Secretary of IATEFL, and in 2011 he became the first Chair of the Electronic Committee (ElCom).

Since stepping down from IATEFL in the spring of 2013, he has volunteered as a trustee for the International House Trust in London, and also served on the Educational Writers’ Committee for the Society of Authors. He is currently a trustee for Volcano Theatre Company in Swansea. Gavin lives in Wales, where the company is also based.


Digital Literacies
Going Mobile


Going Mobile – Delta Publishing, 2014 (with Nicky Hockly)

Digital Literacies
– Routledge, 2013 (with Nicky Hockly & Dr. Mark Pegrum)

Learning EFL for Dummies
– John Wiley & Sons, 2009 (with Nicky Hockly)

How to Teach English with Technology
– Longman, 2007 (with Nicky Hockly)

The Internet & The Language Classroom
– Cambridge University Press, 2000, 2007
Book Chapters
Materials for Mobile Learning in Routledge Handbook of Materials DevelopmentBuchanan, H. & Norton, J. [eds.], Routledge, forthcoming (Dudeney, G. & Hockly, N.).

Outcome Focus. Information, Media and Technology Skills – in 21 Century Skills in ELT – A Guide for Teachers. Graham, C. (ed.) Garnet Education, 2019. (Dudeney, G.)

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Digital Learning in 2020 in Digital Learning: Theoretical and Pedagogical Perspectives. Bailey, K. & Carrier, M. (eds.), Routledge, 2016 (Dudeney, G. & Hockly, N.).

Blended Learning in a Mobile Context: New Tools, New Learning Experiences?
– in The Cambridge Guide to Blended Learning. McCarthy, M. (ed.), Cambridge University Press 2016 (Dudeney, G. & Hockly, N.).

Digital Literacies – in The Routledge Handbook of Language Learning and Technology. Farr, F. & Murray, L. (eds.), Routledge 2016 (Dudeney, G. & Hockly, N.).

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Digital Literacies in Didáctica del Ingles – Classroom Practice – Editorial Graó, 2011 (Dudeney, G.)

Overcoming the Entry Barriers to Second Life in Higher Education
, in Higher Education in Virtual Worlds: Teaching and Learning in Second Life – Emerald Group Publishing, 2009 (Dudeney, G. & Ramsay, H.)
Selected Articles
Digital Literacies Revisited in The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL, 2018 7(2), pp.09-30. (Pegrum, M., Dudeney, G. and Hockly, N.)

Mobile English: Article and series of 5 mLearning lesson plans (with Nicky Hockly) on the OneStopEnglish website

ICT in ELT: How did we get Here and Where are we Going? – ELTJ 2012 (with Nicky Hockly)

A History of CALL – ELTJ 2012 (with Nicky Hockly)

No Place in Class for Digital Illiterates – The Guardian Weekly, December 2011

Ms. Conceptions: Gender and Identity in EFL/ ESL Online Contexts – TESL-EJ Forum 2005 (with Nicky Hockly)

Online Skills Sharing is Breaching Staffroom ‘Wall of Silence’ – The Guardian Weekly (with Nicky Hockly)

Editor of the IATEFL COMP-SIG Newsletter
Regular contributor to IATEFL Teacher Trainers and Educators Special Interest Group Newsletter
Regular contributor to the International House Journal of Education
Regular Contributor to It’s for Teachers magazine

DISC’ – or (how) Do Internet Schools Compare? (with Scott Thornbury), EL Gazette, 08/02

The Quest for Practical Web Usage, TESL-EJ – Volume 6, No. 4, 02/03

Note: Some of his articles can be accessed on Gavin’s Academia page (republished with permissions from the publishers).
Materials Development
Online Teacher Training Modules
Bell Foundation, 2019 - 2021

Online Teacher Training Modules
Laureate Inc, 2014-2015

MA Module – TALL
NILE, 2013

Online teacher Training Modules (ed.)
NILE, 2013

Online Teacher Training Modules (ed.)
Cambridge English Teacher, 2012

Online Teacher Training Modules
Laureate Inc, 2010-2011

Online Training Courses
European Bioinformatics Institute, 2007 to 2008

Virtual Campus
Netlanguages, 1997 to 2003

CD Support Materials
Cambridge University Press, 2002

Online ESP Materials Writing / Programming
The Language Key, 1999

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