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TCE is an education consultancy providing effective, measurable and sustainable whole-system education solutions tailored to specific development and organisational needs. We work closely and collaboratively with learning organisations and NGOs, universities, schools and teachers globally to find innovative, context-sensitive, cost-effective, efficient and pedagogically sound solutions to a wide range of educational challenges, including:

  • designing and implementing curriculum reform
  • designing and embedding teacher training and CPD (continual professional development) within institutions
  • monitoring and evaluating small and large-scale international educational programmes
  • managing international educational projects
  • developing strategic learning plans for effective learning technologies integration
  • training teachers to integrate evidence-based learning technologies approaches into their teaching practices
  • designing and creating online courses and learning materials
  • supporting the development of digital literacies and 21st century skills for teachers and learners

M&E projects

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With TCE there's always a high standard. We know we're going to get quality work, and that's obviously very important to us (...) we're working together to explore things that are new and haven't been done before, and that kind of visionary approach is key - we don't want to do what has already been done, but something new and unique.
Gordon Lewis
VP Languages [ until 2019 ] - Laureate Education, US

our approach

We liaise closely with our clients, collaboratively explore challenges and solutions, and then work towards successful implementation with you. We emphasise dialogue, collaborative practices and sustainability. We ensure that our work with you is carried out in consultation with the key stakeholders, so that new projects and approaches are successfully embedded for long-term, cost-effective solutions.

We match our consultants to consultancy projects based on their experience and skills. All of our consultants are highly skilled and experienced in working in international educational contexts. We ensure a culturally appropriate approach to our consultancies, and draw on local and international best practices to create educational solutions that meet the needs of the client, whether in developed or developing contexts.
TCE’s consulting moves beyond expert and theoretical advice into implementation, and working with teachers, with people. That aspect of people and technology is something that TCE do very well.
Dave Neyhart
Director of Languages - CIC Idiomes, Spain
Regular communication is maintained virtually between consultant team members, and between lead consultants and the client; all of our consultants have well-developed intercultural communication skills and can communicate to a high standard in a range of languages, including English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. Rigorous quality assurance processes are applied to all of our consultancy work. This ensures that all milestones and deadlines are met, consultancy outcomes are effective, and publication-ready high-quality consultancy reports are produced.

tce & the environment

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable environmental business practices. This includes:

  • Promoting sustainable meetings with clients by using videoconferencing
  • Ensuring a sustainable approach to business travel, including paying for carbon offsetting for flights
  • Offering educational organisations the option of live virtual training workshops to replace our f2f workshops
  • Offering conference organisers the option of live virtual keynote or plenary talks to replace our f2f talks
  • Using recycled paper (or recycled clothing) for our printed publicity materials
  • Regularly reviewing and improving our environmental policy

where we've worked

Where We've Worked

featured clients

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