Teaching Live Online


The course will help you develop the range of skills needed to teach live online classes via videoconferencing.

Dates & Fees

  • Course Length

    20 days | 15 hours

  • Course Fees

    from £165

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    brochure | T&Cs

Course 'on Demand'

This course is offered ‘on demand’ to groups of teachers. Minimum group size is six, and discounts are available for groups over six. If you would like to book the Teaching Live Online course for a group of teachers, please get in touch with us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


During the course you will learn to:

  • effectively use a range of videoconferencing platforms

  • design & deliver pedagogically-sound videoconferencing lessons

  • select effective activities for live online courses

  • teach individual students and small groups via videoconferencing

  • market yourself as an online teacher

  • Best practice for teaching live online
  • Designing and planning live lessons
  • Delivering live lessons
  • Live lessons in your context
  • Videoconferencing platforms & features
  • Videoconferencing sessions 1 & 2
  • Teaching ‘one-to-one’ live lessons
  • Activities for live lessons
  • Plan a live lesson: effective task design
  • Assessing student work
  • Marketing yourself as an online teacher
  • Videoconferencing sessions 3 & 4


Certitifed & Assured
All our courses are quality assured by AQUEDUTO – the Association for Quality Education & Training Online | The CertIBET is also quality assured by English UK – the national association of language centres in the UK, and awarded by LanguageCert – the next generation in language qualification | Our eModeration course is recommended for CELTA Online tutors by Cambridge English.
Perfect, IMHO. A real eye opener. I feel much better equipped now to begin my own work as an online tutor
Lindsay Clandfield
Lindsay Clandfield
Freelance trainer & author, Spain


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