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Our award-winning, certified courses cover a wide-range of technology and business-related topics in-depth, with our excellent team of highly qualified and experienced tutors working around the globe to bring you the best in tutored, online professional development. Choose one of the courses below for more information on how to enrol and get started.

Amos Paran
Overall, I absolutely loved this course. I think this is probably just the right course for anyone who has never done a course like this, though what was amazing was that people who were extremely knowledgeable about CMC were contributing and enjoying it as well. (...) It has been a great experience, and if you never changed anything in it, this course would still be great. Many many thanks.

Dr. Amos Paran


Institute of Education, UK



Our online e-Moderation course gives you the skills and confidence to teach online in a principled and effective manner. During the course, you will learn to: develop and run online socialising activities; motivate online learners; establish an effective online tutor presence-

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Teaching Live Online

Teaching Live Online

This course will help you develop the range of skills needed to teach live online classes via videoconferencing. The course is hands-on and firmly based on applying what you learn to practice. During the course, you will learn to: effectively use a range of online videoconferencing-

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Teaching One-to-One

Teaching One-to-One

Our Teaching One-to-One course gives you the skills and confidence to teach students in a one-to-one scenario in a principled and effective manner. During the course, you will learn to: examine the similarities and differences between teaching groups and teaching one-to-one-

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Certified & Assured

Our Courses Are Certified

All our courses are quality assured by AQUEDUTO – the Association for Quality Education & Training Online | The CertIBET is also quality assured by English UK – the national association of language centres in the UK, and awarded by LanguageCert – the next generation in language qualification | Our eModeration course is recommended for CELTA Online tutors by Cambridge English.

Amazing Tutors

Our tutors are experts in the field. Experienced and highly-qualified, they are the backbone of all our Tutored Courses. You can meet them here, or find out more about them on this page.

  • Gavin Dudeney
  • Nicky Hockly
  • Helen Strong
  • Robert Martinez
  • Carol Rainbow
  • Lindsay Clandfield
  • Anne Fox
  • Janet Bianchini
  • Victoria Boobyer
  • Ceri Jones
  • Ana d'Almeida
  • Carl Dowse

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Tutored Courses

On Demand Courses

Our ‘On Demand’ courses are available to groups of six participants or more. Choose from a wide variety of topics: Digital Games, Digital Video, VLE Starter (Moodle), VLE Smarter (Moodle), eNetworks and more. Our courses are completely online, and tutored by our experienced-

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Face-to-Face CPD


Face-to-Face CPD

We offer a series of workshops on how to implement ICT tools in the classroom. These are aimed at teachers, teacher trainers, directors, and educators in general. All of our workshops are communicative, hands-on, and based in real classroom practice. Practising teachers-

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